Prime Time !

What Primer are you wearing?

Primer is such a taboo subject when it comes to makeup. I ALWAYS use it on my clients when I do makeup, But I do tell them not to feel like it is a must on a daily basis. Most are filling pores and act as a layer to smooth the appearance of imperfections. I feel like daily use clogs pores rapidly for most that do not do a regular routine.

In my search for the best Primer for my clients (as well as myself), I have tried so many from high end to drug store. I was truly amazed at what I have found. So as my duty as a working makeup artist, I feel like letting my peeps know what to spend their hard earned cash on.

After many trials and tests .. my hands down fave is E.L.F Poreless Putty Primer . This product is $9.00 . Has three formulas including acne fighting, matte finish, luminous finish and poreless. This primer has make my skin flawless , the appearance of my pores are very minimal, and makes my foundation wear beautifully. I like to apply with my fingers to warm product into my skin. I tend to really concentrate on the triangle of the face ( under eyes, around nose and apple of cheeks. I also use under my eyes to help with fine lines and I feel like it makes my concealer last longer. Isnt that what we want ladies.. And the price is sooo good. I hope this helps anyone on the hunt for a good primer . Keep checking in for more reviews peeps!! Love Yall!

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Published by Cynthia Hernandez

Pro MUAS, Wife, Mom, Grandma, Foodie, World Traveler. Makeup lover for life. Always learning and always down to work . Makeup is my life.

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