February Makeup Looks

And I’m Back!!!

And I’m looking for the perfect look to wear thru Feb. Is it a red lip daily? Is it a pink glittery eyes? Lets figure this out..

I find in the great month of Feb KNOWN for love … I love to bust out the red lipstick, lip liner, lip balm…ANY and All red, pink or berry tones… Not only will it help me figure what colors I really love, but I get to go thru those lonely tubes of products that get touched a few times a year. Bust them out!! The Burgundy’s, the hot rod reds.. those colors with a minimal eye look will always be a hit. Ex.. Dust your face powder on your lids with a fluffy eyeshadow brush from lash to brow to keep matte and looking natural. Do a thin swipe of liquid liner on top lid. Finish with two coats of mascara on top and bottom lashes . This is all you need .. Especially with a brighter lip.

If you do a beat daily and a red lip is a Sunday look for you, keep it monochromatic and do red eyes as well. Use a red blush if you can’t find eyeshadow. I love a liquid lipstick used a eyeliner. Dries quick, and usually long wearing.. Use that same liquid lipstick as blush by mixing a small amount into a drop of foundation, wears ALL DAY.

My point is get into those colors and show the love! Happy February !

Published by Cynthia Hernandez

Pro MUAS, Wife, Mom, Grandma, Foodie, World Traveler. Makeup lover for life. Always learning and always down to work . Makeup is my life.

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