Lips that POP!

Lipstick is, of course, the easiest way to add a pop of color to your face. This summer, it really is a case of anything goes, so don’t be afraid to try something trending. Glossy-finish lipsticks are really popular at the moment, as are bright shades. However, you could always opt for a bright pinkContinue reading “Lips that POP!”

Fresh Face Forward

I love a good makeup beat down, but during the summer heat, sheer layers of Tinted moisturizer or foundation is all you need. Keep that face as fresh as possible during the day, building on top for a night look can be easily achieved. I used Holy Mother of Makeups’ Divine Intervention Vol 1 paletteContinue reading “Fresh Face Forward”

Do you use face powder as much during the summer?

So I recently got asked if I use powder during the summer. Good question! I usually don’t use that much powder in general on my clients any time. I do use to set concealer or set foundation with a very sheer light application, but after that I feel powder tends to build on the textureContinue reading “Do you use face powder as much during the summer?”

Summer Daze

Texas summer days are like no other, so when I talk hot summer days, I mean HOT… So as the days get longer, and hotter by the minute, I wanted to talk about skin looks during this time. I always like to tell my clients besides under eyes to set, during the summer I tendContinue reading “Summer Daze”