Gothic Summer

The sultry dark Vampy look keeps coming back, and with stunning appearances during our quarantine spring/summer looks this year. Coincidence?? I think not.. maybe the play on the feel of whats going on has kept us on the dark and Gothic side, but the sexiness seeps out, and makes it season appropriate. Even reaching forContinue reading “Gothic Summer”

Trend to Try: Bold Metallic Eyes

Smoky eyes will always be in, but the modern girls have started showing up in colorful, bold eye makeup with lots of graphic shapes and textures.. That means it’s A-GO with the neon liners and jewel tone hues. We also love to see all the metallic looks popping up which will transition us into nextContinue reading “Trend to Try: Bold Metallic Eyes”

Graphic Summer

With this summer quickly flying by, and so many of us still in the house, I am so happy to see all the makeup inspo coming out of all of you! You tube, Tik-Tok, and Instagram have definitely been amazing tools for all our makeup videos, tutorials, and just finding new products period. Graphic looksContinue reading “Graphic Summer”

Seasonless Makeup

With the warm weather here to stay, we tend to make a few changes in our routines. We brighten up our makeup, trading jewel tones and deep, dark shades for bright, colorful hues that pair effortlessly with floral dresses, off-the-shoulder tops and jean shorts. Changing with the seasons helps keep things fresh, but there’s noContinue reading “Seasonless Makeup”

Summers Prettiest (easiest) Makeup

You can use a lot less makeup if you wear brighter colors. Summer—when glowy, healthy skin is more on display—is when this trick is most effective. Adding sheer, intense color to your eyes, cheeks, or lips is an easy way to brighten your face without wearing much makeup. Bright colors can be really sheer andContinue reading “Summers Prettiest (easiest) Makeup”