22 yrs. Experience and Constantly learning.

Always having a passion for makeup, I started my career at the malls of Corpus Christi, Tx for a photography studio at the time. This is were I was able to practice hair & makeup multiple times a day, on a huge range of people. I eventually left to work as a freelancer for Christian Dior Makeup. I was able to do makeup for Miss Teen Texas for a few years, including commercials and music videos.

I wanted to expand my work outside of my city , looking in San Antonio for something new, I was offered a job for Estee lauder as a counter manager for Nordstrom. This is where I found my love for the M.A.C Cosmetics Line. I was able to learn the line and work with the artist. I then stepped down from management to be a M.A.C Artist as a freelancer. I was hired on permanently and I hit the ground running. I excelled in Impact Team being invited to Dallas as a Round Table member to discuss the Brand. I was also hired thru M.A.C as the lead makeup artist for The San Antonio Spurs Cheerleaders The Silver Dancers for all media and personal appearances for 4 years.I was able to be a featured artist for many M.A.C events as an makeup and body painting artist. Being Key artist for a few collections.

After a few years I was introduced to Indian Weddings, were I was able to travel all around the world doing these huge multi-day weddings with 12-18 people per day. I was able to do weddings in Belize, Jamacia , Aruba, Cancun, Tulum and many more fabulous places. I was able to do huge weddings stateside as well, including NBA Star Tony Parkers Wedding to his wife Axel Francine . Where I was able to do the bride, her family, and many attendees for the wedding. As well as weddings I loved doing beauty makeup for clients and one on one teaching. Not long after Loreal Pro reached out and I was hired to represent Loreal at Eva Longorias Evas’ Heros Benefit in San Antonio, where I have continued to work event for 5 yrs .

Filming was also a big part of my career, doing Showtime Boxing, Bravo TV, CBS Sports , Dateline NBC, NBA on TNT, and HBO. I have been an artist for Samuel L Jackson, Charles Barkley, Rob Riggle, Keith Murray, Dr. Sanja Gupta, Chris Paul, Nate Robinson, and many more.

After 10 yrs with M.A.C I was able to leave, and immediately start my freelance business that kept me traveling worldwide . I was then able to meet amazing people along the way especially Ricardo Gutierrez who developed Versace Makeup. With him as a mentor I was able to find a team in NYC to test for to work NYFW. I was able to work Defend Brooklyn By Spike Lee and Alex Wright. Keyed by James Vincent. I worked that show alongside James Vincent and legendary Danessa Myricks.

Having worked 3 straight seasons of fashon week in NYC, it was there where I decided to create my own line of Cosmetics Holy Mother of Makeup. Inspired by the modern woman.

Makeup will always be in my life one way or another. And the travels and meeting new clients, agents, models, brands has been the best experience of all. I will always hope to inspire and encourage artist and just people in general, and always keep an open door to any anyone wanting to talk or collaborate .

Makeup, like fashion, is ever evolving. I hope to always keep learning and developing and inspiring the new artists.

Cyn Hernandez

Professional Makeup artist, Founder & Creative Director Holy Mother of Makeup.

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