Prep those lips for the cold!

Every year I see the same dry chapped lips on clients . Then I cringe to see them apply and re-apply chap stick over and over again. I dont know who needs to hear this but people… Chap Stick is a sealant for you lips.. for some who skis and has cold wind rushing their face.. it is not a healing agent . It will not help a situation, please know that when you want to nourish and heal your lips , wear something with Jojoba oil in it. This promotes healing and will condition your lips. Chap stick will seal the lip texture that it is placed on. Also when you bush your teeth feel free to rinse toothbrush when done and go over those lips to rid them of any dead dry skin. You don’t always have to have a product.

During the cold, texture is the first to appear on the lips and nose . Usually I tent to change from a light moisturizer to a heavier cream. This helps add the extra hydration that is needed in those cold months. Be sure to change up those regimens to help thru those changing seasons.

Published by Cynthia Hernandez

Pro MUAS, Wife, Mom, Grandma, Foodie, World Traveler. Makeup lover for life. Always learning and always down to work . Makeup is my life.

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