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Prime Time !

What Primer are you wearing? Primer is such a taboo subject when it comes to makeup. I ALWAYS use it on my clients when I do makeup, But I do tell them not to feel like it is a must on a daily basis. Most are filling pores and act as a layer to smoothContinue reading “Prime Time !”

Summer Makeup Looks

Summer is the best time to turn up color and perfected skin. What better time then now to really focus on the skin. During summer we tend to pull back on coverage and really focus on skin care, spf, serums, etc.. this actually is the best time to really drench the skin with preventative creamsContinue reading “Summer Makeup Looks”

Fall Give Away!!!!

Holy Mother of Makeup Rose Water Prep & Set Setting Spray As we start feeling the effects of Fall, it’s not just your closet that gets a revamp. Skincare and your makeup should get a quick run thru. Not only in the colors you choose to wear, but the color of foundation or correctors youContinue reading “Fall Give Away!!!!”

At summers end..

As summer comes crawling to an end, we look at all the trends we all so happily participated in while stuck in the house these last few months. I think everyone stepped out of their comfort zone this season, and experiment with something new. Be it brighter eyeshadow, dewy skin, or glossy eyes . IContinue reading “At summers end..”

Gothic Summer

The sultry dark Vampy look keeps coming back, and with stunning appearances during our quarantine spring/summer looks this year. Coincidence?? I think not.. maybe the play on the feel of whats going on has kept us on the dark and Gothic side, but the sexiness seeps out, and makes it season appropriate. Even reaching forContinue reading “Gothic Summer”


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