Summer Makeup Looks

Summer is the best time to turn up color and perfected skin.

What better time then now to really focus on the skin. During summer we tend to pull back on coverage and really focus on skin care, spf, serums, etc.. this actually is the best time to really drench the skin with preventative creams and really try out some skin care. the makeup look during these hot times will be perfect for this, being that a glossy atletic skin is all the rage.. and isnt it a breath of fresh air from the heaviness we were brought up to expect from makeup? I am really suprised how many people think they need a full coverage makeup.. I usually find just concealer and a few spot treatments is all a person REALLY needs. During summer i tend to stay away from alot of powders as well. I do use it, but just in the middle of the face to set. A liguid blush or highlighter really finishes the job and leaves a wash of color and shine. also u can use a minimal amount of these products for a high payoff. Colores eyeliner or using bright eyeshadows smoked around the natural lashes is a great way to experiment with color, also a great colored mascara on a natural lash is a fubn way to add that pop of color.

Published by Cynthia Hernandez

Pro MUAS, Wife, Mom, Grandma, Foodie, World Traveler. Makeup lover for life. Always learning and always down to work . Makeup is my life.

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